Thursday, March 6, 2008

where is the money the Woodlawn Taxpayers Association promised???

Last school year, the Woodlawn Taxpayers Association promised to pay part of the cost of the electronic sign at the local public school PS19. Where is the money?? The Woodlawn Taxpayers Association utilizes PS19 space for fundraisers, they utilize our sign to publish their upcoming events, and yet they so far have reneged on a pledge to pay for the cost of that sign. The decision to purchase that sign was based upon the pledge of the Woodlawn Taxpayers Community.

Please Woodlawn Taxpayers Association - practice what you preach - support your community!! Don't leave the parents of the local school children stuck to foot this bill. What does it take to get you to pay for a purchase we made relying on your promise to pay in part for that electronic sign. Must we shame you into paying?? What is the problem?? Please answer this question in a public forum.